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From: Josh Spaulding
10-year IM Veteran
6-Figure Online Marketer
Published Author
Owner of

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer:

If you're like me, you don't like fighting uphill battles. Especially when it comes to generating the income that is used to feed yourself and your family.

But that's exactly what it's like (an uphill battle) for SO many Internet Marketers out there today. They go from shiny object to shiny object ... from "this" method to "that" method, hoping to find one that actually brings in some money.

And you know what happens in most cases? They find out that those shiny objects were created only to get them excited enough to fork over some money, so that the person selling the product can make money, rather than to help YOU, the person buying it, to make money as promised.

Listen, you're not alone! About 10 years ago, when I first got started in IM, I did the SAME THING! I ran around in circles, throwing money around like a mad-man, hoping some of it would result in recurring cash.

It didn't happen.

That's not UNTIL I realized that if I'm going to make serious money, I'd better get SERIOUS. And getting serious does not mean chasing after shiny objects! It means getting in the trenches and figuring out what works and what doesn't!

So that's EXATLY what I did!

And you know what happened? I started making a few bucks here and there.

Then I started making more than a few bucks ... I started making a few hundred. Then I started making a few thousand! Then I started making a few thousand every MONTH. Then I started making enough to actually work from home!

Then I started making enough to help friends and family who needed financial support.

And after a few years, I finally reached the goal that I had set from the beginning.

I was a 6-figure Internet Marketer!! And I have been every year since then!

I started to see HUGE paydays! I'm talking tens of thousands of dollars.

Here, let me just show you what I'm talking about:


Like These Earnings that Show Just my PayPal
Earnings (excluding my other earnings) Last Year:


And then From the Year Before That:

And we could go back several years and see a steady increase from one year to the next over the past 10 years!

And there is other income that is generated from promos, like this JV Promo:


And this one that I partnered with another well-known marketer on and grossed over
! Yes, that's over a Quarter of a MILLION dollars!

And this one that netted me $20,422:


And this one that grossed $49,184:

Many of these big paydays were the result of my "in the trenches" mentality that I had after I had finally been fed up with all of the shiny objects and failures in IM.

It's also when I started to see rankings in Google, like this one that continues to rank to this day. This is a site that Jonathan Leger and I put together as a case study site for a service that we launched together, which went on to become (and continues to be) a huge success:

And then here is a look at the traffic to a site I just recently built from the ground up.

I Could Go On, but I think You Get the Point

And the point is that shiny objects don't create income... getting in the trenches does!! I'm living proof of that! And I think the results speak for themselves!

Listen, I'm not showing you this stuff to brag. I'm showing you so that you understand that there are REAL people, like you and me, who make REAL income online without marketing degrees and decades of experience!

I was making a full-time income back in 2007! And you can start earning a full-time income this year!



Pick a niche that you have some passion or knowledge in, setup an authoritative site and focus on it!

That's it!

I know... I know. That's easy to say, but not so easy to do!

That's where I come in! I have a decade of experience doing this... I've BEEN in the trenches. I KNOW what works and what doesn't.

I know what is a waste of time and what is well worth your time.

I know how to create, optimize and market sites that go on to become authoritative and profitable!

And TODAY, this very hour, I'm going to let you watch over my shoulder as I create an authoritative site and then I'm going to show you how to optimize it and even how I market my own sites!


My step-by-step training on how to build a highly-profitable, authoritative website in ANY niche.

No matter what your current skill or experience level is, with MST, you can do it!

In this 10 video course, I take you by the hand and show you exactly how!


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In this Exclusive, Powerful Video Training, You'll Learn:

How to Choose the Right Niche: This is crucial and there are several things that must be taken into account before diving into any new site build or marketing campaign. In MST I explain exactly what those things are that you need to look for.
How to Choose the Right Domain: Exact match domain (domain with your keywords) or not? Brand name or not? .com, .net or .org? These are a few of the questions I answer as I registered a domain myself, for an MST site.
How to Setup, Configure and Optimize an Authority Site: There are BIG differences and VERY important things that must be done in order to establish an authoritative site. In this training I actually SHOW YOU as I'm doing it myself.
How to Setup a High-Converting Squeeze Page: Squeeze pages can be one of the most valuable properties to have... if you do them right! Inside MST I create a squeeze page start to finish as you watch.
What is IMPORTANT and Not Important with Hosting: There are many misconceptions out there in regards to hosting. But there are also a few very important things that must be addressed when hosting a money site. Within MST, I go over every detail!
What is the Best Monetization method? There are several factors that need to be considered when deciding how to monetize your site. In MST I explain what things need to be considered and more!
How to Make Tiny Traffic SNOWBALL with Email Marketing! Email marketing is very powerful if done right. You can take VERY little traffic and turn it into a blitz of traffic to every new piece of content. Inside I'll show you how!
How to Get Traffic to your Squeeze page and Main Site - Without traffic, you'll never make a penny. In MST I go over several techniques that I effectively use to get my sites going and eventually thriving with traffic!


As you can see, I leave NOTHING out! You can go from scratch to an authority in your niche (ANY niche) in a matter of one month if you put my advice into action!

This is your chance to get serious with your online business and finally nail down one, solid, authoritative website that brings in profits and makes you an authority in your niche!


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To Your Success,

Josh Spaulding

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